About Me


about-pageLike many people, I love taking photographs, so several years ago I decided on a complete career change and followed my ambition to become a professional photographer.

After 4 years studying both photography and digital media I shot my first wedding – five years on I still love the spontaneity, excitement and emotion that surround these fabulous occasions.

I see wedding photography very much as a craft and form of art, not just as a series of group shots but about storytelling, when the thrill of squeezing the shutter brings me the knowledge that I’ve captured a very special moment in someone’s life.

I’m often asked which genre of photography I prefer and on days off I can be found shooting landscapes and the natural world but I wouldn’t tie myself down to any one subject. I love to photograph people, even better when they don’t know I’m there. Preferring to shoot candid, informal lifestyle portraiture rather than studio, using natural light as much as possible.

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to discover how much I enjoy training aspiring photographers, just starting out on their photographic journey. Allowing me to share my passion for this wonderful art and all the skills, knowledge and know-how I have acquired so far.

My home town is Grantham, Lincolnshire, however, I welcome the opportunity to work anywhere in the East Midlands.

And if you see me at a local wedding fare hopefully you’ll  meet Rachel, she was one of my brides in 2011, we’ve become great friends since and if you want, she’ll be able to tell you exactly how I work and what it’s  like being on the other side of my camera.

If you would like me to capture your wedding day or wish to discuss your requirements further please contact me.